Grading Web Sites on Their SEO

ThriveSmart Grade How do you stack up at the web site grader? This is a great tool to figure out how to improve your site in search rankings.

Sending ThriveSmart through it showed that there is a lot of room for improvement. Things like using H1 tags and making sure your title has important keywords in it are really important. Put more than just the name of your product!

Guess we’ll be spending a few days cleaning up the site. Big time. And adding ways for interested people to sign up for updates to our business, like a feed and a newsletter.

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One Comment on “Grading Web Sites on Their SEO”

  1. funfitgal07 Says:

    I would love to know why a site gets deleted . There are alot of sites that put links to their personal sites and if this is the case I am going to go through every site and submit them. I do not spam anyone and rarely comment to anyone’ site. Perhaps I did from an intenet search and it was a wordpress site. That might be what happened. I never go on here and spam anyone.

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