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Sexy Time Zones in Ruby on Rails with Timezone_Fu

November 23, 2007

As easy as has_timezone :fields => [ :start_datetime, :end_datetime].

Working with Timezones in Rails even after you have installed the TZInfo plugin is still a pain in the you know what. (You are using TZInfo, right?) World TimezonesI never liked having to jump through hoops converting from UTC to localtime when displaying times to Users. I suppose I could have used Javascript to do the conversion but I prefer to deal with the conversion on the back end.

Adding support for time zones to our apps wasn’t very fun. While adding timezones to another model model for the third or forth time I decided there had to be a better way. I pointed my browser to the agile web development plug in site and did a quick search. I found a couple plug-ins that helped with timezones or helped with date time pickers; but nothing that did quite what I wanted. (more…)